Sustainable Cities

By the year 1950, it is expected that about 80% of the world will be living in Cities. Learn about how mankind was inspired by Circular cities in the past and how they could prove to be one of the viable options to tackle the complexity of future city planning .

What you get to learn in this workshop :

-Historical Fundamentals of City Planning

-Benefits of green spaces in Cities

-TVP, a concept city based on a resource based economy

-Sustainable Urban Development

The Big picture
This workshop is focused on personal development and how it can be achieved with great efficiency in parallel thinking and care for the environment. The topics of focus are :

- Lifestyle & Balanced Living

- Eating habits

- Consumerism 

- Cosmic leadership

S   U   S   T   A   I   N   A   B   I   L   I   T   Y

STEPS to a sustainable life

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We are all, in one way or another, looking for quality of life. The only true way to achieve this is if we start to believe in the new spirit of the age. It entails some sound understanding of how and why we function as a species and what our impact is on this beautiful planet.

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What is it? 


Why is it important?

 Understand the fundamentals.




Create a plan for the growth of this planet.

  • Collaborative & ethical consumption
  • Turn the accountability upstream
  • Sensible solutions to battery disposal​





Read some selected shocking truths.