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  • Collaborative & ethical consumption
  • Turn the accountability upstream
  • Sensible solutions to battery disposal​


  • Get addicted to research
  • Eat like a fish
  • Its a DIY future​

S   U   S   T   A   I   N   A   B   I   L   I   T   Y

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We are all, in one way or another, looking for quality of life. The only true way to achieve this is if we start to believe in the new spirit of the age. It entails some sound understanding of how and why we function as a species and what our impact is on this beautiful planet.

Direction & progress

 Analyze your global footprint and create your own plan for the future growth of this planet.

Damage & FACTS 

 It's easy to loose track from the goal with the amount of data on this topic. Read some selected shocking truths.

What is it?

 What is it and why is so important you may ask? Understand the fundamentals.