Harpreet, Co-Founder

Sarvjit Singh, Founder

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  • ‚ÄčTackle root-causes
  • Streamline awareness
  • Provide a point of network
  • Design feasible solutions

Who we are

Our entry into this industry is a new one, however we have achieved much since the start of 2014.

Before moving into the online world, we explored community workshops and designed a few initiatives for local schools.

In the hope of reaching the masses, we are hopeful the coming years will see us explore this subject with greater insight and extended our network.

Our Experience

Our Key goals:

Sarvjit has a background in design, an avid science enthusiast and has been researching on sustainable education and other initiatives that can nudge humanity towards progressive thinking.

Harpreet considers herself a balancing scale that likes to moderate and normalize sensitive subjects, particularly on social sustainability. 

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